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Putin v. Kerry

Putin v. Kerry

by Stephen Lendman

Putin's statesmanship embarrasses Kerry. Both men are geopolitical opposites. 

Putin represents responsible leadership. Kerry shames the office he hold.

On April 29, Putin addressed Ukrainian crisis conditions forthrightly. On the same day, Kerry irresponsibly addressed the Atlantic Council.

In 1961, it was established to support NATO. It's headquartered in Washington. It supports America's global agenda. 

Past and current members include a rogue's gallery of reliable US imperial supporters. 

They include Henry Kissinger, George Schultz, James Schlesinger, James Baker, Zbigniew Brzezinski, James Jones, Condoleezza Rice, Richard Holbrooke, Susan Rice, and an array of current and former top military officials.

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel formerly served as chairman. Kerry's comments reflected US imperial arrogance. More on them below.

Putin pointed fingers the right way. What's ongoing in Ukraine "shows us who really was mastering the process from the beginning," he said.

"But in the beginning, the United States preferred to remain in the shadow(s)."

In addressing crisis conditions, Washington is "telling that they originally were behind this process, but now they just have emerged as (its) leaders."

US officials encouraged Maidan protesters. They supported them. They did so against Ukraine's democratically elected government.

They manipulated events. They aided and abetted Viktor Yanukovych's ouster. 

They helped empower illegitimate fascist putschists. They did so lawlessly.

"It is necessary to understand that the situation is serious and try to find serious approaches to the solution," said Putin.

He called on coup-appointed officials to "treat equally the rights of those living in other areas of Ukraine, first of all, I mean, the east and southeast, establish a dialogue, find a compromise."

He addressed illegitimate US/EU sanctions, adding:

"We would very much wish not to resort to any measures in response." 

"But if something like that continues, we will of course have to think about who is working in the key sectors of the Russian economy, including the energy sector, and how."

Major US companies are involved. They include ExxonMobil and Chevron.

"Regarding (sanctions imposed on Moscow), it's not clear at all what this is linked to, because there is no cause and effect link with what is happening now in Ukraine and Russia," said Putin.

At the same time, US/EU policy won't deter Russia's Eurasian integration process, he explained. It involves Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus.

Putin prioritizes resolving Ukrainian crisis conditions responsibly. US policy is polar opposite.

Kerry fronts for power. He represents longstanding US imperial arrogance. 

His comments leave no doubt where he stands. Big Lies infest them. They do so repeatedly.

He addressed the Atlantic Council's "Toward a Europe Whole and Free" conference.

Washington wants Europe co-opted. It wants full control. It wants it united against Russia.

It bullies, pressure and threatens European leaders to bend to its will. Outliers aren't tolerated. They're targeted for replacement. Washington rules apply.

The year 2014 marks NATO's 65 anniversary. Its mission is offense, not defense.

It's a machine for the manufacture of mass slaughter, destruction and unspeakable human misery.

Not according to Kerry. He lied saying "over (its) decades-long history, I think NATO, without any question, has done more to promote security, more to promote prosperity, and more to promote freedom than any other alliance in human history."

He cited nonexisting threats. Ukraine is Exhibit A, he suggested.

Its crisis "calls us back to the role that this alliance was originally created to perform, and that is to defend alliance territory and advance transatlantic security."

False! US-led NATO is a destabilizing machine. It prevents global security. 

It advances America's imperium. It does so through lawless violence, belligerence and full-blown aggression.

"The events in Ukraine are a wake-up call," said Kerry. 

He lied claiming "(o)ur European Allies have spent more than 20 years with us working to integrate Russia into the Euro-Atlantic community." 

"It is not as if we really haven't bent over backwards to try to set a new course in the post-Cold War era." 

"And so we've pursued serious bilateral engagement…But what Russia's actions in Ukraine tell us is that today Putin's Russia is playing by a different set of rules." 

"And through its occupation of Crimea and its subsequent destabilization of Eastern Ukraine, Russia seeks to change the security landscape of Eastern and Central Europe."

"So we find ourselves in a defining moment for our transatlantic alliance, and nobody should mistake that." 

"And we are prepared to do what we need to do, and to go the distance, to uphold that alliance." 

"Our strength will come from our unity. And the strength of our alliance always has come from our unity over the course of the 65 years."

"So together, we have to push back against those who want to try to change sovereign borders by force."

"Together, we have to support those who simply want to try to live as we do or as others do."

Fact: Washington wants sovereign Russian independence eliminated.

Fact: It wants subservient pro-Western governance replacing it.

Fact: Longstanding US policy wants all independent governments replaced.

Fact: Eliminating major rivals matter most.

Fact: Russia and China are top targets.

Fact: Both countries deplore war.

Fact: They prioritize peaceful coexistence.

Fact: Advancing America's imperium prevents it.

Fact: Kerry lied suggesting otherwise.

"(W)e have to support those folks who want to live free, making their choices about their own future. Together, we have to continue our strong support for Ukraine," he said.

"(W)e have to make it absolutely clear to the Kremlin that NATO territory is inviolable. We will defend every single piece of it."

"(F)rom day one, Ukraine undertook to implement both the spirit and substance of" Geneva four-party agreement terms.

"(N)ot one single step has been taken by Russia."

"Every time you have a conversation, it’s pointing the finger at what the Ukrainians haven't done, without even tallying up what they have done or acknowledging their own zero in the column with respect to what they have undertaken."

"(I)t's fair to say they have escalated the crisis even further." 

"There is strong evidence that I laid out several days ago of the degree to which Russian engagement exists directly in the east and has been building up over some period of time."

Russian policy persists "to pursue (its) own goals and…ends." 

It has "a clear choice: Leave Ukraine in peace and work with us together to create a strong Ukraine, a Ukraine that is not a pawn, pulled and tugged at between East and West…"

"…I can guarantee this: The United States and our allies will stand together in support of Ukraine."

"This crisis is a wake-up call for us to accelerate the other work that we’ve been doing to promote a stronger, more prosperous transatlantic community."

Fact: Kerry repeated one Big Lie after another.

Fact: He's a serial liar.

Fact: He's a world class thug.

Fact: He makes lesser rogue officials look pacifist.

Fact: He makes mafia bosses look saintly by comparison.

Fact: He makes serial killers look like pussy cats.

Fact: "NATO, without a question, has done more to (subvert) security, more to (prevent) prosperity, and more to (destroy) freedom than any other alliance in human history."

Fact:  NATO "was originally created" for offense, not defense.

Fact: "European allies have spent more than 20 years with (Washington) working to" marginalize, weaken and isolate Russia.

Fact: "(W)hat Russia's actions in Ukraine tell us is that today Putin's Russia" represents responsible geopolitical leadership.

Fact: No Russian "occupation of Crimea and its subsequent destabilization of Eastern Ukraine" occurred.

Fact: Moscow did nothing "to change sovereign borders by force" or any other way.

Fact: Washington and rogue EU partners want free people subjugated.

Fact: They want their fundamental freedoms eliminated altogether. 

Fact: They want their futures destroyed.

Fact: "(F)rom day one, Ukraine (violated) both the spirit and substance of" Geneva four-party agreement terms.

Fact: (I)t's fair to say" Washington and rogue EU partners "escalated the crisis even further." 

Fact: No evidence suggests Russian involvement with Eastern Ukrainian activists.

Kerry represents the worst of Washington's dark side. Lawless aggression reflects it. 

Millions of corpses attest to America's barbarity. Don't expect Kerry to explain.

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at 

His new book is titled "Banker Occupation: Waging Financial War on Humanity."

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Fact Checking Scoundrel Media Lies

Fact Checking Scoundrel Media Lies

by Stephen Lendman

Edward Herman and David Peterson contributed an important chapter to a forthcoming cutting edge book on Ukraine.

It's titled "Flashpoint in Ukraine: US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III." Watch for it. It's coming soon. Amazon lists it.

Herman and Peterson explain Western propaganda "in overdrive," saying:

"(D)eeply ingrained Cold War ideology remains in Western capitals and their political and intellectual culture."

"It's best understood as a dichotomous or binary system: One side is 'good,' the other side is 'evil.' "  

"One side acts on behalf of universal values, the other acts out of narrow self-interests."  

"One side helps other countries and peoples to build democratic institutions and good governance, and supports the rights to self-determination, sovereignty, and territorial integrity of all countries -the other side as a matter of principle rejects these rights and strives for power and territorial expansion."

Orwell explained his way saying: "War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength."

Bad guys 'R us. Media scoundrels twist truth their way. Irresponsible Russia bashing persists daily. Big Lies repeat ad nauseam.

News, information and analysis people most need to know are systematically buried. Malicious daily propaganda substitutes.

Herman and Peterson pull no punches saying:

"The misrepresentations of the US media in dealing with the Ukraine crisis have been spectacular, reaching and perhaps surpassing their performance during the 50-year-long Cold War era, with the notion of 'objectivity' buried beneath a landslide of biased tone and word usage, rewritten or suppressed history, use of selective evidence, and double-standards."

Their detailed, documented analysis provides proof positive. Media scoundrels regurgitate official Big Lies. Truth is a powerful disinfectant. Burying it is prioritized. 

It bears repeating what previous articles stressed. So-called New York Times news fit to print isn't fit to read. It's rubbish. 

It's ideologically driven. It's one-sided. It's over-the-top. It's hypocritical garbage. 

It violates fundamental journalistic principles. Truth-telling matters most. It's nowhere in sight. Bad fiction substitutes.

On April 29, Times editors headlined "Not Getting Through to Mr, Putin," saying:

US and EU imposed sanctions followed "Russia's involvement" with Eastern Ukrainian anti-Kiev activists. Times editors quoted Washington and Brussels. They lied calling it "indisputable."

Times editors call sanctions "justified." They accused Putin of "bluster." 

He "demonstative(ly) disdain(s)" four-party "Geneva agreement" terms "along with the aggressive behavior of Russian troops massed on Ukraine's borders and the continued occupation of administrative and security buildings in southeastern Ukrainian cities by Moscow-directed secessionists," they said.

"(T)argeted penalties are not likely to change Russia's behavior."

Times editors urge tougher ones. "(T)here will be…costs" otherwise…"Europe and America (must) join in a unified response."

"(A) weak and fragmented response would call into question a longstanding trans-Atlantic commitment to protect international law and democratic values against the kind of aggression Mr. Putin is engaging in."

Fact: Sanctions imposed are illegitimate.

Fact: They have no legal standing.

Fact: They violate international law.

Fact: Russia alone abides by four-party agreement terms responsibly.

Fact: Washington, rogue EU partners and Kiev putschists systematically violated them.

Fact: No Russian hoards threaten Ukraine.

Fact: Anti-Kiev activists act on their own volition.

Fact: No evidence shows Russian involvement.

Fact: UN Charter provisions support all people's self-determination rights.

Fact: US and rogue EU states deplore international law and democratic values.

Fact: Lawless aggression is longstanding US/EU policy.

Fact: Putin champions peace and stability.

Fact: He deplores violence in all forms.

Fact: He denounces aggression.

Fact: He speaks out forthrightly against it.

Fact: Times editors lied claiming otherwise.

Putin "poses" "danger," they said. They urged "rein(ing) him in."

"His authoritarian behavior at home, his disdain for the Geneva agreement and, most recently, the capture of a European military observer mission in Slavyansk" demand tough measures against him, they said.

Crisis conditions will worsen "unless the West is prepared to unite behind serious economic sanctions that hurt Russia’s financial, energy and military sectors."

Fact: So-called military observers were exposed as NATO spies.

Fact: Putin responsibly challenges Washington's hegemonic ambitions.

Fact: He's humanity's best hope to curtail it.

Fact: He deserves worldwide praise.

Fact: He warrants universal support.

Fact: He forthrightly observes Geneva terms.

Fact: No evidence suggests otherwise.

Fact: Russian democracy shames America's sham version.

Fact: Putin heads a free and open society.

Fact: Obama heads a ruthless homeland police state apparatus.

Fact: US freedom is endangered.

Fact: It's being systematically destroyed.

Fact : Full-blown tyranny is a hair's breadth away.

Fact: Permanent war is official US policy.

Fact: Unchallenged global dominance is sought.

Fact: One country after another is ravaged and destroyed to achieve it.

Fact: Don't expect Times editors to explain. 

Fact: Big Lies substitute for full and accurate reporting.

Fact: Regurgitating official Big Lies is longstanding Times policy.

Fact: Propaganda masquerades as real news and analysis.

Fact: Readers are systematically deceived.

Slawomir Sierakowski masquerades as a left-of-center political observer. His opinions reveal otherwise. 

Times editors gave him featured op-ed space. On April 28, he headlined "Putin's Useful Idiots," saying:

"(M)any American and Western European intellectuals do all they can to minimize the dangerous aggression by Vladimir V. Putin."

Sierakowski turned truth on its head. He claimed putschist-run Ukraine represents "democracy." He called Russian truth-telling "propaganda."

He called neo-Nazi extremist Dmytro Yarosh legitimate because he's "deputy secretary of the National Security and Defense Council."

Sierakowski ignored his illegitimate appointment. He turned a blind eye to his open boast about "…fighting Jews and Russians till I die."

He lied claiming Yarosh pledged to "fight all instances of anti-Semitism, xenophobia and chauvinism." He ludicrously claimed "fascist phantoms in Ukraine."

He said independent "Western intellectuals" claiming otherwise support "not just with the autocrat in the Kremlin, but the legions of far-right parties across Europe that have come to Russia's defense…"

"Who says Russia needs propaganda," he asked? "It already has its useful idiots."

No self-respecting editors would touch Sierakowski's trash. Times editors featured it.

On April 28, neocon Washington Post editors headlined "Obama's half-measures give Vladimir Putin little to fear," saying:

His "assault on Ukraine has been relentless and increasingly reckless: Forces working with Russian personnel in eastern Ukraine are torturing and murdering opponents and holding international observers hostage."

"In contrast, President Obama's response has been slow and excruciatingly measured." 

"New US sanctions announced Monday fall well short of the steps that senior officials threatened when the Russian offensive in eastern Ukraine began three weeks ago."

It bears repeating. No evidence whatever shows Russian Eastern Ukrainian involvement.

None suggests self-defense activists commit torture or murder. So-called "hostages" are NATO spies.

Putin "made a mockery of the administration's diplomacy, blatantly ignoring the agreement accepted by his foreign minister in Geneva 11 days ago," said WaPo editors.

False! Putin acted responsibly. Obama, rogue EU leaders and coup-appointed putschists violated Geneva terms straightaway.

WaPo editors lied saying "Russia invaded Ukraine." US supported fascist putschist claims were cited as evidence. None whatever exists. 

Inventing them out of whole cloth doesn't wash. Nor claiming Crimean reunification with Russia represents "the first forcible change of borders in Europe since World War II."

Nearly 97% of Crimeans voted to do so. They did peacefully, fairly, openly and democratically. International law supports them. 

Don't expect WaPo editors to explain. Or call US wars on humanity lawless aggression. Or forthrightly denounce them.

On April 29, Wall Street Journal editors headlined "From Kharkiv (aka Kharkov, Ukraine's second largest city) to Brussels," saying:

Obama's "penalties look robust by comparison to the European Union's latest sanctions list." 

"The 15 persons now facing EU travel bans and asset freezes include no companies; a lot of provincial nobodies; and some obvious malefactors who should have been sanctioned months ago…"

"Events in Ukraine are moving fast, and the next time EU officials meet to make their token sanctions list there may be much less of Ukraine to pretend to care about."

Daily Journal Russia bashing twists fundamental truths irresponsibly. Propaganda bad enough to make PR wizards blush substitutes.

Other US media scoundrels operate the same way. Official Big Lies are regurgitated. They repeat ad nauseam.

They read like bad fiction. They mock legitimate journalism. They substitute for the real thing.

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at 

His new book is titled "Banker Occupation: Waging Financial War on Humanity."

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Ukraine Hypes a Nonexistent Russian Threat

Ukraine Hypes a Nonexistent Russian Threat

by Stephen Lendman

For the first time since WW II, overt fascists hold real power in Europe. They hold major government posts. 

They menace regional stability. They threaten world peace. Ukraine is Exhibit A.

Olexander Turchynov is illegitimate coup-appointed putschist president/parliament chairman.

He's Ukrainian armed forces commander-in-chief. He's Batkivshchyna/All-Ukrainian Union/Fatherland party deputy chairman.

He's militantly fascist. He deplores democracy. He prioritizes hardline rule. He tolerates no opposition. 

He hyped the Big Lie. He did so to create a nonexistent enemy.

He did it to generate fear. He acted to enlist greater Western support. Washington provides plenty. So do rogue EU allies. Turchynov wants more.

On April 30, the state-controlled Ukrainian News Agency headlined "Turchynov: Donetsk Region Situation Beyond Control." It quoted him saying:

"Today the government in (Donetsk) does not control the situation, like in some other parts of Donetsk Region."

Ukrainian forces are on full alert, he added. He hyped a nonexistent "threat of a Russian invasion."

He lied claiming Moscow intends "a continental war against Ukraine." He urged expediting the creation of regional militias.

"We must have the capability to move those units fast to support other regions against such a threat," he stressed.

He hired foreign mercenaries. He deployed neo-Nazi Right Sector thugs. He ordered them to attack peaceful protesters.

He plans much more of the same. He enjoys full US support and encouragement.

He threatens to turn Eastern Ukraine into a cauldron of violence. He's unable to control things, he says.

He lied calling courageous/activist/Eastern Ukrainian freedom fighters "terrorists."

"Our primary task is to prevent the spread of the terrorist threat to other regions of Ukraine," he said.

He turned truth on its head about fascist-instigated Maidan violence. He claimed "as we know from (its) experience, the use of force is inefficient."

"That's the situation we faced in the eastern regions," he said. He called legitimate anti-Kiev resistance "treason."

He faces growing opposition. Potentially in his own backyard. On April 29, fascist extremists and Maidan self-defense elements clashed.

Massive fighting erupted. Gunfire and explosions followed. 
Radicalized extremists used guns, tear gas, bats and sticks. Ambulances rushed to help victims. 

Last Sunday, ultranationalists rallied in Lvov. They commemorated the anniversary of the Galician Ukrainian SS division's formation.

During WW II, it fought Soviet Russia for Nazi Germany. Its extremist elements murdered hundreds of Polish men, women and children.

Ukrainian crisis conditions potentially head toward spinning out-of-control. Earlier articles discussed Obama's latest imperial trophy. If he can keep it, they said.

He's got a tiger by the tail. Growing opposition rejects Kiev putschists. Eastern activism potentially could spread west. Civil war could follow.

Ukrainian military and other security forces could join both sides. Turchynov's comments suggest desperation. 

Perhaps he'll hang by his own petard. Maybe fascist cohorts will hang with him. Maybe ordinary Ukrainians have a chance prevail.

Perhaps Obama's Ukrainian gambit will prove overreach. Maybe right can triumph over might. If not now, maybe later.

Eastern Ukrainian freedom fighters are a model to emulate. They're the best and bravest. They can teach dismissive Americans plenty. They have lots to learn.

They forgot earlier lessons lost. Grassroots activism ended centuries of slavery. Labor rights were won. So were human and civil rights.

Waned energy lost them. Wage slaves replaced chattel ones. Rank and file workers lost everything generations of struggles gained. Civil and human rights are disappearing altogether.

Regaining them demands working for what's too important to forego. Doing so takes sustained longterm struggle.

The battle for Ukraine's soul just started. Americans haven't begun to fight. Wishing doesn't win struggles. Sustained commitment is needed.

Ukrainian freedom fighters know what it takes. They're in it for the long haul. They put their bodies on the line for freedom. Not possible any other way.

Earlier US activists understood. Current ones have lots to learn. Changing things depend on it. What better time than now to start.

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at 

His new book is titled "Banker Occupation: Waging Financial War on Humanity."

Visit his blog site at 

Listen to cutting-edge discussions with distinguished guests on the Progressive Radio News Hour on the Progressive Radio Network.

It airs three times weekly: live on Sundays at 1PM Central time plus two prerecorded archived programs.

Confronting Russia and China Militarily

Confronting Russia and China Militarily

by Stephen Lendman

Washington's imperial agenda reflects madness. Overreach may be its undoing. Potential global war threatens everyone.

On Tuesday, Obama ended his Asian trip. Confronting China was prioritized. On April 28, Stars and Stripes headlined "Obama's Asia trip yields better military ties but no trade concessions," saying:

He returned home "partly successful." In Japan and South Korea, he reaffirmed post-WW II ties.

"In Malaysia, he made strategic inroads in a country that’s long been one of China's closest friends in Southeast Asia."

He firmed up Washington's chokehold colonization over the Philippines. A new 10 year military agreement solidified it. More on it below.

He bragged about stronger than ever US/Asian military alliances. It challenges China provocatively. 

Beijing responded diplomatically. Its Foreign Ministry spokesman Qin Gang said Washington and China should promote regional peace, stability and security.

He expressed concern about America's Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement (EDCA). It returns US military forces to the Philippines.

It does so since Washington's Subic Bay naval base and Clark air force base 1992 closure. It invigorates longstanding US/Filipino military ties.

At the same time, it angers China. Obama's claim about not trying to contain Beijing rings hollow. Doing so is official US policy.

China isn't fooled. It intends close monitoring of US words and deeds, said Qin. According to Austrailian-based Southeast Asia expert Aaron Connelly:

"There are aspects of (Obama's Asia) pivot that are clearly being done with an eye toward China."

He was surprised at Beijing's "mild" reaction. At the same time, he knows diplomatic language disguises real concerns.

Nations don't take kindly to military encirclement. They react accordingly. They firm up their own alliances. A Sino/Russian one is formidable. It provides a powerful counterweight.

EDCA terms took months to negotiate. US forces will deploy on a rotational basis. They'll do so on Filipino military bases. Effectively they'll become US ones.

Washington gets greater archipelago access than in over 20 years. Manila's constitutional prohibition against foreign military bases is bypassed. 

In 2011, Obama's Asia pivot was announced. Advancing Washington's military footprint is prioritized.

Doing so aggressively is planned. China's growing economic might and military strength are targeted. So is checking Russia at the same time.

Containment is policy. Both countries are formidable rivals. Confronting them militarily is madness.

Obama prioritizes global belligerence. He's cold-blooded about US interests. Advancing America's imperium matters most.

Waging war on humanity reflects it. Targeting Asia escalated regional tensions. 

It bears repeating. Challenging Russia and China reflects madness. Doing so risks open confrontation. Washington has been rebalancing for years. 

Strategy calls for strengthening military, economic, and political ties with Japan, South Korea, India, Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, Myanmar, Malaysia, Taiwan, Singapore and Vietnam.

It involves undermining Chinese and Russian influence. It's about isolating them regionally. It's about weakening them.

It's about asserting US dominance over territories and waters not it own. Doing so risks flashpoints. Small disputes risk greater ones.

WW I and II echoes remain audible. Never again is possible. Challenging Russia and China militarily risks the unthinkable.

It bears repeating. US policy reflects madness. Obama's Asia pivot risks the worst possible outcome. His strategy involves much more than meets the eye.

It reflects longstanding US hegemonic ambitions. It prioritizes whatever it takes to achieve them.

Obama's trip accomplished multiple objectives. American troops are returning to the Philippines.

Hardline Japanese Prime Minister Sinzo Abe sidestepped his constitution. Article 9 renounces belligerence. It affirms international peace.

It prohibits Tokyo's Self-Defense Forces from waging war. It states:

"Aspiring sincerely to an international peace based on justice and order, the Japanese people forever renounce war as a sovereign right of the nation and the threat or use of force as means of settling international disputes." 

"To accomplish the aim of the preceding paragraph, land, sea, and air forces, as well as other war potential, will never be maintained." 

"The right of belligerency of the state will not be recognized."

Obama backs Japan's East China Sea Senkaku/Diaoyu islands dispute. It guarantees military support.

South Korean President Park Geun-hye agreed to effective US control over half a million Seoul military forces.

Both leaders agreed to boost their military alliance. Doing so provocatively targets China.

Malaysia is not a formal US ally. According to National Security Council (NSC) advisor Evan Medeiros:

Seoul's "very substantial and very robust joint statement by the US government and the government of Malaysia about our position on the South China Sea." 

"Very significantly in the joint statement, they actually came out in support of the principle of international arbitration, which has been a subject of some diplomatic wrangling in recent months as the Philippines has sought to pursue an arbitration case regarding its disputes with China.”

Washington one-sidedly backs Manila. It does so in disputes with China. Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak "welcome(d) America's rebalancing toward Asia."

He affirmed greater "military-to-military cooperation," he said. It reflects a more "comprehensive partnership."

Doing so harms Kuala Lumpur's self-interest. Getting in bed with the devil assures trouble. For sure it undermines regional stability.

Defense Minister Sergey Shoygu expressed concern about Washington encroaching on Russia's borders.

He stressed Western anti-Russian hysteria. It escalates tensions. US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel lied.

He claimed Washington's increasing Eastern European presence has nothing to do with targeting Russia.

It's about strengthening Eastern European allies defensive might, he said. Why so without enemies he didn't explain.

At the same time, Shoygu categorically denied sending Russian agents to Ukraine. No "subversive actions" are planned, he stressed.

Claims otherwise are groundless, he said. Making them undermines stability.

Russia's Defense Ministry wants to discuss Ukrainian crisis conditions responsibly with Pentagon officials.

So far they stonewalled responding. Washington deplores constructive dialogue. Compromise is out of the question. Hegemons operate this way.

On April 29, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov pointed fingers the right way. He blamed Washington and Western partners.

He did so for backing Kiev putschists. Moscow rejects them. They lack legitimacy.

He "denounce(d) sanctions in all their forms, including those that have been announced by the United States and the EU against all common sense due to events in Ukraine."

"We insist on immediate resolution through all-Ukrainian national dialogue," he added.

Since Ukrainian crisis conditions erupted, Lavrov went all-out to resolve them diplomatically. So did Putin and other Russian officials.

Washington spurned their best efforts. Rogue EU allies were bullied to go along. Unresolved conflict festers. It risks spinning out-of-control.

Coop-appointed Kiev defense minister Mykhailo Koval said military conscription could be reestablished.

"The army will be professional," he said. "This is the future of the Armed Forces." 

"But now the Armed Forces are not ready for this. Therefore we might have to return 21-23-years-old men for a while, and they will serve the state."

Deescalating crisis conditions should be prioritized. Washington's imperial agenda undermines doing so. 

Ukraine remains potential ground zero for the unthinkable. Obama bears full responsibility. He shows no signs of backing off. 

A Final Comment

The Daily Beast is a neocon front publication. On April 29, it headlined "Kerry: US Taped Moscow's Calls to its Ukraine Spies," saying:

He "claimed in a private meeting that the US intelligence community has recordings of pro-Russian forces being managed by government handlers in Moscow."

"The United States has proof that the Russian government in Moscow is running a network of spies inside eastern Ukraine because the US government has recordings of their conversations," he said.

"Intel is producing taped conversations of intelligence operatives taking their orders from Moscow and everybody can tell the difference in the accents, in the idioms, in the language." 

"We know exactly who's giving those orders. We know where they are coming from."

"It's not an accident that you have some of the same people identified who were in Crimea and in Georgia and who are now in east Ukraine."

"This is insulting to everybody's intelligence, let alone to our notions about how we ought to be behaving in the 21st century." 

"It's thuggism. It's rogue state-ism. It's the worst order of behavior."

It bears repeating. Kerry mocks legitimacy. He shames the office he holds. He's a world class scoundrel.

He's been caught red-handed lying numerous times before. He's at it again.

Fact: No evidence suggests Russian Ukrainian crisis conditions involvement.

Fact: Plenty indicts Washington.

Fact: Kerry can't name names because none exist.

Fact: So-called taped phone calls are fake.

Fact: Washington bears full responsibility for Ukrainian crisis conditions.

Fact: Blaming Russia reflects bald-faced lies.

Kerry lies read like bad fiction. He repeats them ad nauseam. They wore thin long ago. He makes more enemies than friends doing so. He mocks his own legitimacy in the process.

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at 

His new book is titled "Banker Occupation: Waging Financial War on Humanity."

Visit his blog site at 

Listen to cutting-edge discussions with distinguished guests on the Progressive Radio News Hour on the Progressive Radio Network.

It airs three times weekly: live on Sundays at 1PM Central time plus two prerecorded archived programs.

More Kerry Bullying, Bluster and Big Lies

More Kerry Bullying, Bluster and Big Lies

by Stephen Lendman

He's no diplomat. He's a world class thug. He mocks legitimacy. He disgraces the office he holds. He represents the worst of America's dark side. 

He's a serial liar. He's been caught red-handed lying numerous times before. He's at it again. 

Big Lies infested his Monday Wall Street Journal interview. Truth was nowhere in sight. More on what he said below.

On April 28, State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki said the following:

"Today, in response to Russia's continued actions in southern and eastern Ukraine, the United States is implementing additional restrictive measures on defense exports to Russia." 

"Accordingly, the Department of State is expanding its export restrictions on technologies and services regulated under the US Munitions List (USML)."

"Effective immediately, the Department's Directorate of Defense Trade Controls (DDTC) will deny pending applications for export or re-export of any high technology defense articles or services regulated under the US."

"Munitions List to Russia or occupied Crimea that contribute to Russia's military capabilities. In addition, the Department is taking actions to revoke any existing export licenses which meet these conditions." 

"All other pending applications and existing licenses will receive a case-by-case evaluation to determine their contribution to Russia’s military capabilities."

"The United States will continue to adjust its export licensing policies toward Russia, as warranted by Russia’s actions in Ukraine." 

"We urge Russia to honor the commitments it made in Geneva on April 17 to deescalate the situation in Ukraine."

Fact: Washington bears full responsibility for Ukrainian crisis conditions.

Fact: Russia prioritizes resolving them responsibly.

Fact: It's gone all-out to do so.

Fact: Moscow fully honors its Geneva commitments. 

Fact: Washington violated them straightaway.

Fact: Sanctions are illegitimate. 

Fact: They have no legal standing.

Fact: Imposing them is entirely political.

Fact: Washington wants Russia marginalized, isolated and weakened.

Fact: It wants its sovereign independence destroyed.

Fact: It wants it transformed into a pro-Western vassal state.

Fact: It wants its resources plundered.

Fact: It wants its people exploited.

Fact: It wants all independent countries eliminated.

Fact : It wants unchallenged global dominance.

Fact: It threatens world peace.

Fact: It wages wars to achieve ends.

Fact: Humanity's fate hangs in the balance.

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov called US sanctions "revolting." They're "distorted and groundless," he said. Kremlin officials are "disgusted."

"We will respond although it is not our choice," he added. "(W)e can't leave this situation without reaction, without practical reaction, without by means of our own decisions."

"US behavior in the field is becoming provocative."

Kerry lied responding to Wall Street Journal questions. "You almost feel that (Putin is) "creating his own reality, and his own sort of world, divorced from a lot of what's real on the ground for all those people, including people in his own country."

"We're inches away from" targeting whole sectors of Russia's economy. "And if they continue on this path, that's where it's heading."

He unjustifiably blames Putin for US crimes. Ukrainian crisis conditions are "obviously very personally driven in ways that I think are uniquely inappropriate to 21st century leadership," he said.

"It's an amazing display of a kind of personal reaction to something that just doesn't fit into the lessons learned for the last 60 years or 70 years." 

"It's so divorced that it leaves you feeling badly for the consequences. I think the Russian people are going to pay a price for this." 

"It's unfortunate for the Russian people, who clearly don't fit into the costs that are being attached to this, because it appears to be so personal to President Putin."

Putin's appeal to 'nationalism' is "dangerous in this time and place."

"There's no question that plans were executed in a thoughtful way in Crime. Obviously there's a plan. And it's being carried out with a sort of singular resolve, I guess is the way to put it."

He called Putin's failure to bend to Washington's will "an example of bad faith and absence of legitimacy."

"You're supposed to try to find a diplomatic solution to things. If you can't do that then you have to take the steps necessary to enforce your policy."

He thinks things "could deteriorate into hot confrontation" even without Russian troops entering Ukraine.

"And there are provocateurs who are perfectly capable, who are trying to instigate that kind of flare-up."

He praised Kiev restraint from preventing it, he said. "But obviously you could have a flash point here."

Fact: Blaming Putin for US crimes doesn't wash.

Fact: Sanctions cut both ways.

Fact: Russia can punish America's economy effectively.

Fact: Trading bilaterally in rubles with other countries using their own currencies works best.

Fact: Doing so weakens dollar strength.

Fact: Dollar supremacy is at stake.

Fact: Its reserve currency status could end.

Fact: So could its ability to continue imperial adventurism.

Fact: Putin respects national sovereignty.

Fact: He observes rule of law principles.

Fact: He's not revanchist.

Fact: He has no imperial ambitions.

Fact: His so-called appeal to nationalism doesn't exist.

Fact: His good faith highlights his legitimacy.

Fact: Washington's bad faith reveals its dark side.

Fact: Crimeans acted solely on their own volition.

Fact: No Russian involvement encouraged them.

Fact: Diplomacy isn't Washington's long suit.

Fact: It bullies nations into compliance.

Fact: It threatens them.

Fact: It cows them into submission.

Fact: Ukraine is a major global flashpoint.

Fact: Kiev putschists have no legitimacy.

Fact: They violated Geneva four-party agreement terms straightaway.

Fact: They instigated violence.

Fact: They escalated it.

Fact: They continue it.

Fact: They deployed neo-Nazi Right Sector thugs to do so.

Fact: They hired foreign mercenaries to supplement them.

Fact: Expect things heading from bad to worse.

Fact: Expect possible civil war.

Fact: Expect potential East/West confrontation.

Fact: Washington's drive for hegemony risks WW III.

On April 29, Russia's Foreign Ministry accused EU nations of escalating Ukrainian crisis conditions, saying:

"If someone in Brussels hopes to stabilize the situation in Ukraine (through sanctions), it is an evident sign of their complete incomprehension of the domestic political situation in this country and a direct invitation for local neo-Nazis to continue anarchy and outrages regarding the civilians of the southeast."

"Instead of forcing the Kiev clique to sit at the table with southeastern Ukraine to negotiate the future structure of the country, our partners are doing Washington's bidding with new unfriendly gestures aimed at Russia."

At the same time, brutal clashes erupted in Donetsk. Pro and anti-Kiev forces clashed. 

Right Sector thugs initiated things. They attacked peaceful protesters. Police were unable to contain things.

Over a dozen injuries were reported. At least eight people were hospitalized.

According to journalist Vitaly Ivanov, around 1,000 "neo-Nazi thugs" were involved. "We were expecting an attack," he said. 

"We had objective information. Really, the guys arrived with baseball bats, sticks and rods."

About 200 anti-Kiev activists "met them halfway in order to regain the initiative."

"More and more people joined us at an incredible pace as we made our way."

"When we reached (pro-Kiev thugs), there were about 1,000 of us…We were received with aggression."

"Smoke grenades were thrown at us. Several people got injured." 

"Then there were a couple of small scuffles with the ultras. And then they just dispersed." 

"They didn't expect such a rebuff; that there'(d) be so many of us." Molotov cocktails and stones were thrown.

Activists shouted "Crimea! Donbass! Russia!"

"Fascism won't take hold."

"Say no to Nazism."

Activists sang songs in Russian. On Sunday, Right Sector thugs attacked Kharkov anti-Kiev elements.

Expect more incidents like these to follow. Perhaps throughout Southeastern Ukraine. Perhaps more deadly ones.

The neocon controlled Washington Post blamed peaceful Donetsk activists for neo-Nazi Right Sector violence. It called them "club-and whip-wielding separatists…"

It said they're "shadowy forces that make their view known, but rarely their identities."

It lied saying they attacked pro-Kiev supporters "(w)ith Ukrainian flags flying high and garlands of flowers in their hair." 

They "ambushed" them. They "clubbed" them. They "swung whips." They "hurled Molotov cocktails."

It called what happened "the latest proof of disarray" engulfing Eastern Ukraine.

Chicago Tribune editors accused Putin of "grandiose plans to expand the Russian empire." No empire exists. 

Putin isn't revanchist. Tribune editors lied claiming otherwise. "The Russian 'strongman' is wildly popular at home after his Crimea adventure," they added.

"(T)he Russian bear may prove to be…an economic paper tiger." 

"Putin talks about asserting Russian dominance over the entire region."

You can't make this stuff up. Other lies followed. US media scoundrels proliferate them. Truth is whitewashed. It doesn't have a chance.

At risk is world peace. Ukraine is ground zero for potential East/West confrontation. All bets are off if it happens.

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at 

His new book is titled "Banker Occupation: Waging Financial War on Humanity."

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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Unprecedented Settlement Construction Exposes Sham Peace Talks

Unprecedented Settlement Construction Exposes Sham Peace Talks

by Stephen Lendman

Talks began last July. They were dead on arrival. No resolution whatever was achieved. Israel abhors peace. 

It craves violence and instability. It doesn't negotiate. It demands. It's all take. It's no give. Peace talks mock legitimacy. 

So did multiple earlier rounds. They began decades earlier. They achieved nothing. Things are far worse now than then.

They're a deplorable charade. Both sides agreed to continue them until April 29. D-day arrived. Resolution remains as distant as ever. Chances for peace are nil. Believing otherwise is fantasy.

Throughout months of talks, Israeli lawlessly demolished over 500 Palestinian homes and structures. The UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) reported it.

Nearly 900 Palestinians were forcibly displaced. An entire Jordan Valley village was destroyed.

Throughout the negotiating period, nearly 3,700 Palestinians were lawlessly detained. Thousands of political prisoners languish in Israel's gulag.

Multiple daily community incursions target Palestinians lawlessly. Beatings and arrests follow. Children are vulnerable. So are women. Barbarism defines Israeli policy.

On April 29, Peace Now headlined "9 Months of Talks, 9 Months of Settlement Development." 

Unprecedented constructions occurred. "During the 9 months of Secretary Kerry’s efforts in the region, the Netanyahu Government promoted plans and tenders for at least 13,851 housing units in the settlements and East Jerusalem…" 

"(A)n average of 50 units per day and 1,540 units per month" were built. Doing so exposed sham peace talks duplicity.

Israel dragged them out to steal land. If they continue, months more same old, same old is certain.

Israel wants all valued Judea and Samaria land incorporated into Greater Israel. According to the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions (ICAHD), stolen West Bank land includes over 60% of historic Palestine.

Construction expands it daily. Since July 2013, Israel's Civil Administration approved a record 6,919 acres as state land.

In 1999, a so-called Blue Line task force was established. It's redefining Palestinian land. It's stealing it for Israel.

Its land considered most valuable. It potentially links Israeli towns with others.

Dror Etkes represents Rabbis for Human Rights. He tracks settlement policy.

"Anyone examining the places where territory was added to the land under settlement jurisdiction, and the work of the Blue Line team from early 2013 until today, is forced to conclude that from the perspective of the Israeli government, there is no Oslo, no fence, no negotiations," he said.

"This can be seen both in terms of the size of the land and the location of the places where the mapping was done." 

"The approach guiding the Civil Administration is that all of Area C is designated for the expansion of Israeli settlements, as has indeed been happening in the field over the past 20 years."

Peace Now explained, saying 13,851 units include:

"Tenders for 4,868 units - 2,248 in West Bank settlements and 2,620 units in East Jerusalem."

Tenders for another 1,235 units were reissued. They reflect "calls for bids" to buy unsold units.

Plans promoted 8,983 units - 6,561 in West Bank settlements and 2,422 in East Jerusalem.

West Bank plans include:

  • 4,793 units in isolated settlements (73%); and

  • 1,768 units in settlements close to the Green Line (27%).

Throughout nine months of peace talks, tender numbers were four times higher compared to previous years.

From July through December 2013, construction on 828 new units began. It's nearly double the comparable 2012 period.

Two new outposts were established without Israeli authorization - Brosh in the Jordan Valley and Givat Eitam south of Bethlehem.

A new settlement was approved in Hebron city center for the first time since the 1980s.

Four unauthorized outposts were legalized - Nahalei Tal and Zayit Ra’anan near Ramallah, Givat Sal’it in The Jordan Valley, and Elmatan near Qalqilya.

A new Leshem settlement near Salfit was established. It houses 60 Israeli families. Expect many more to follow.

In East Jerusalem, two large-scale tourist projects were promoted in Palestinian Silwan's community.

An Issawiya area national park was approved. Israel's Housing Ministry published tenders for 24,000 units. 

It did so in several West Bank Settlements. It includes the sensitive E1 area.

It's located between Ma'aleh Adumim and Jerusalem.

Israel plans developing Mevasseret Adumim neighborhood. At issue is establishing territorial contiguity. 

It's creating a greater Jerusalem. It's doing it by Judaizing Palestinian neighborhoods.

It's part of Israel's ethnic cleansing process. Displacing Palestinians provides land for Jews. It's longstanding Israeli policy.

Peace Now was clear and unequivocal, saying "construction and the announcements of settlements" destroyed the peace process.

It "created facts on the ground…They proved more than anything else that the Netanyahu Government did not mean to go for a two states solution but rather acted in order to strengthen the Israeli control over the Occupied Territories."

In the 1980s, Israel's Supreme Court ruled land seizures for military purposes and settlement construction illegal. 

Israel responded by declaring nearly one million dunams state land. It stole Palestinian territory doing so. It didn't matter. It's lawlessly confiscated.

Israel's Blue Line task force is reexamining land seized. It's doing so to confirm its state land status. 

Israeli agencies can't authorize construction without doing it. Settlement leaders want things expedited. 

Stealing land takes time. Israel fakes legitimacy doing it. Palestinians are defenseless. They can't stop Israeli marauding.

They can't stop losing land they most value. They can't achieve peace, equity and justice through talks. 

Longterm struggle alone works. No other way is possible. Not now. Not ever.

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at 

His new book is titled "Banker Occupation: Waging Financial War on Humanity."

Visit his blog site at 

Listen to cutting-edge discussions with distinguished guests on the Progressive Radio News Hour on the Progressive Radio Network.

It airs three times weekly: live on Sundays at 1PM Central time plus two prerecorded archived programs.